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Photo: Larilei.arts/Model:Coco

Special Collections

Whip of the future is a bracelet part of a collective collection titled : “Open your eyes” created in collaboration with Diana Nápoles, Karla Goram, Tony Villa, Madelene Pineda and Madeline Solís. “Whip of the future” uses the shape of the whip to highlight the collective responsibility of democracy now and in the future.

“Open your eyes” is a collective collection that shows an  encouraging vision that seeks to put community life and the way of inhabiting our territory in our hands, building on this new vision, new notions and ways of living politics. 

If you want more info about this piece please contact us.

Moon Darkness is a ring and a charm made with silver and moonlight. The pieces represent the ritual and the magic within the contemporary magicians. 

If you want more info about this piece please contact us.

Photo: Adataberna

100% handmade

We do not want our jewels nor our relationships to be ephemeral that is why we build a strong dialogue in order to create pieces that are handmade with love.


Fast fashion has created overconsumption and false expectations. Causing harmful consequences to our planet. So we reuse old materials and give them new life what is supposed to be no longer needed.


We are very inspired by many religions and philosophies specially Buddhism. We take the concept of ethics from this philosophy. Xanan thinks that we are the judges of our actions. It is in these terms that an act or a series of acts is deemed ethical or unethical. We try to follow this guideline in order to work congruently in all our actions.

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