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Ixchel Ledesma (b. México, 1988) is an independent curator, writer, advisor, and artist, hailing from Mexico City. She boasts a wealth of experience in curating international transdisciplinary exhibitions. Ledesma’s artistic endeavors primarily focus on exploring the intricate relationships between the human body and space, employing a variety of artistic mediums with a particular affinity for textile. Her research delves into themes of migration, feminism, the politics of visibility, and the interpretation of space.

She is passionate about curating exhibitions that challenge gender binary norms and propose novel dynamics of power negotiation between bodies and spaces. Her professional roles have included jury member for the 16th International Tapestry Triennale in Łódź, roles at the National Museum of Art of Mexico in curatorship and inter-institutional relations, and Director of the Walden Gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently, she serves as co-director of Avalokita Civil Association and collaborates with the Textile Culture Net alongside: Central Textile Museum in Łódź, Poland; CHAT in Hong Kong; Lottozero in Prato, Italy; and the Textiel Museum in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Ledesma holds a master’s degree in curatorship from the Tres de Febrero University in Argentina and a degree in Cultural Management from the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. Her research sojourns have taken her to the Center for Aesthetic Research, UNAM, Mexico; Iberoamericana University, Mexico; and the Public University of Navarra, Spain. She has curated noteworthy projects including Ninjen (2023) by Pelucas Pilas Bubbles at the Apostrophe gallery in Vigo, Spain; Future: Magali Lara (2022) at the Museum of History of Guanajuato; and Territories: Argentine Textile Art 1970–1990 (2018) in Walden, Buenos Aires Argentina, among others.

As a writer, her work has appeared in Criticism Blog, Artishock, Nexos, Terremoto, and Código Magazine. Beyond her curatorial and artistic pursuits, Ledesma advises private art collections in Mexico, is the co-founder of AC Avalokita, the founder of the Xanan.Studio brand, and the brain behind DZAM, a platform for Art management. She lives and works across Spain and Mexico, bridging the two cultures in her distinctive body of work.



Curatorial Projects

Creation of curatorial projects that focuses in the themes of specialization or similar such as topics of migration, feminism, politics of visibility, ritual, identity and space.

Art Advisor and Consultant

If you are interested in buy, organize, protect and have a professional record of your collection of artworks. This is a service for you.

Consultant in creation of art/design/fashion Projects

Creation of concept, advising with logo and image for social media, advice and writing of texts and applications for funding and grants.

Art Workshops

Designing of workshops of art on the topics of: art and education; art and gender; art and fashion; art and luxury and design.

Art Jewelry and design

Designing and production of Jewelry at XANAN